//Sorry, some of contents are in Japanese only.//

Access to our lab.


  1. 小松空港からバスで金沢駅へ(約45分) (北陸新幹線かがやき号で東京駅から金沢駅は2時間30分)
  2. 金沢駅東口から,93,94,あるいは97番「金沢大学」行きバスで「自然研前」で下車(約40分)
  3. 自然研前バス停から自然科学研究棟本館入り口へ 
  4. 案内板にて自然科学研究棟2号館を確認

Room #2A515(Nakano)/#2A514(Tanaka) /#2A512(Ishijima)
in the building of Natural Science and Technology

Mailing address:
Electric Power & Environmental laboratory
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kanazawa University
Kakuma, Kanazawa 920-1192, JAPAN

How to access our lab.:
#From Osaka-Kansai international airport to Kanazawa JR station:
-Please get on the express train named 'Haruka' on JR (Japan Railway) lines and get it off at 'Shin-Osaka' station (60min). At Shin-Osaka station, please change trains going to 'Kanazawa JR Station' (2h30min.).

#From Tokyo-Narita international airport to Kanazawa JR station:
-By aircraft:
Please take a limousine from Narita airport to Haneda airport where there are domestic airlines. Please use a domestic aircraft to Komatsu airport (45min). After getting to Komatsu airport, please take a bus to Kanazawa JR Station (about 45 min.).

-By Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train
Please use a limited express from Narita airport to Tokyo Station or Ueno Station (60min), where you should change trains to Hokuriku Shinkansen to get to Kanazawa JR station (2h30min).

#From Kanazawa JR station:
-At Kanazawa Station please use a bus No.93, 94 or 97, which brings you to the bus-stop 'Shizenken-mae' of Kanazawa University in 40 min.
-From the bus-stop 'Shizenken-mae', please enter the building of Natural Science and Technology.
-In the building of Natural Science and Technology, you can find the access route in the electronic guiding system to get to our lab.